We have several means of communication: this website, monthly parent meetings, emails, and Facebook.

While our schedule is fairly static, this website is updated with any changes that may occur during the course of the season. The calendar page includes all of our events along with notes about which tournaments we are sending our coaches.  The calendar also shows practices and parent meetings.

An email will be sent each Sunday evening with subject line WWC UPDATE to the email address you provide us on your registration form.  This email is sent from our secretary using the wrestling club’s email address: Please let us know right away if you aren’t receiving the emails!

We also have a Facebook page. You can get much of the same information there as here on this website and post messages, photos, videos, etc.

We also will have parent meetings. It is important to attend these meetings as they are the means of conducting the business of the club. Parent input and involvement helps us continue growing as an organization.

During every practice there is a board member present. He or she will be able to relay information about upcoming tournaments, which ones the coaches will attend, and the deadlines for registering for the upcoming tournaments.

In the event that a practice has been cancelled for any reason, we will post the cancellation on our website, Facebook page, AND send out an email.