Practice Schedule

 Practices will be held Monday through Thursday.  Each practice lasts an hour and a half (6:30-8:00).  Monday and Wednesday practice will be classified as novice.  Tuesday and Thursday practice will be classified as advanced (competitive) and wrestlers have to be invited by a coach in order to attend.  Both groups will be taught the same techniques but at a different pace and intensity level.


Keep track of canceled practices on our fb page and emails.


Practice Room Rules

  • No street shoes in the practice room, please change your shoes prior to entering.
  • Stop talking when the coach blows the whistle.
  • Parents are asked to stay out of the practice room unless you have volunteered to be a Parent-Coach.  This will keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Parent-Coaches are not allowed in the practice room until they have read and agreed to follow the Parent-Coach Code of Conduct and completed the concussion training online.
  • Bring water.
  • Take bathroom breaks before practice in order to limit interruptions in the practice room.
  • Bathe after every practice – no exceptions (refer to section on personal hygiene).
  • First-aid kit is located in the training room.

 Personal Hygiene

 It is very important that your wrestler bathe after each practice and tournament.

A skin and nail check will be done prior to each tournament by a tournament official.  If there are any suspicious mark(s) on a wrestler, they will not be permitted to wrestle. To avoid this situation, if you notice a suspicious mark on your wrestler at any time during the season, you will have to have a doctors note from a physician. The physician release form should also be filled out if your wrestler have a chronic skin condition, but is not contagious. This form should be brought to the tournaments in-case the tournament official questions the mark(s).