Tournament participation is optional.  Some wrestlers aren’t ready to face an opponent and should only participate if they want to.  Each weekend there is at least one Novice and one Open tournament offered by the two wrestling associations our club belongs to MMWA (our main association) and MYWAY.  Open tournaments are open to all levels of wrestlers.  Novice tournaments are open to new wrestlers or wrestlers who meet the MMWA or MYWAY requirements listed below.  The requirements are different for each association.

A Wrestler’s age on December 31st will determine their age group for the entire season.  You should bring a copy of your wrestler’s birth certificate to all tournaments in case your wrestler’s age is challenged.

Their weight at weigh-in determines their weight class.  Weight classes have a three to five pound range, but wrestlers can be moved up a weight class or age group (with permission) by a tournament official if needed for the tournament.

Signing up for tournaments will take place with our WWC Tournament Director during practice right outside the practice room.