Tournament Survival for Parents

Tournaments are an all day affair so come prepared!

  • Wrestling is a sport where age matters (to some).  It is highly suggested that you have a copy of your wrestler’s birth certificate with you at every tournament.
  • Wrestlers should trim their nails prior to the tournament.  It is suggested that you have nail clippers with you just in case.
  • There is an admission fee for each family member (wrestlers who are participating are free).
  • Make sure your wrestler has singlet, head gear and shoes with them.
  • Most clubs have a concession stand but it is a good idea to bring a cooler of food for your family to munch on throughout this very long day.
  • Warm-up!  The mats are open up to a half-hour prior to the start of each tournament.  This gives wrestlers a chance to stretch and practice moves.  Also, check out the competition!
  • Two coaches are allowed for each wrestler at matside.  Usually only one coach will be with your wrestler.  This will allow a parent to sit next to the coach and watch.  It’s a good idea to bring your video camera or take pictures as you will be up-front and close to the action.
  • Your adrenaline will be going during the match so please be aware of this so your emotions don’t hinder your wrestler’s coaching instructions during the match.  Remember, this is a difficult, physical sport and your child is trying his or her best.  Please provide kind and encouraging remarks whether they win or lose.  Be positive!
  • Look for other teammates to sit with during the tournament so the coach can keep track of his/her wrestlers, the coach can’t always be at each mat at the same time, if you have a new wrestler, don’t hesitate to grab a parent coach to help you out!
  • Remember to bathe your wrestlers after the tournament.