All wrestlers are required to wear wrestling shoes.  Good wrestlers are in constant motion and having good traction on the mat prevents injuries.  Wrestling shoes should NOT be worn outside.  This will help keep the wrestling room clean and prevent damage to the wrestling mats.

A wrestler’s uniform is called a singlet and must be worn at tournaments.  During practice, a wrestler will typically wear a T-shirt and shorts or sweatpants; however, they must not be too loose fitting or have buttons, zippers, pockets or other items that could cause injury to a wrestler or damage to the wrestling mat.  We encourage all wrestlers to dress appropriately as the wrestling room can get quite warm.

Headgear is not required during practice, but recommend.  Headgear must be worn at tournaments.

Any wrestler with hair below their shoulders needs to wear a hairnet during tournaments.  The coach will determine if a hairnet is required during practice.

Any wrestler with braces will be required to wear a mouth guard.  Mouth guards are optional for other wrestlers, but recommended for wrestlers who have their permanent teeth.

You may check with our Board Members for used shoes and headgear.  Wrestlers who wish to donate used shoes or headgear may do so by notifying any of our Board Members.  If you take anything from the donation box, you should treat them with disinfectant/antiseptic or wash them with a mild detergent in hot water and hang them to dry before using them.

Wrestling equipment (i.e. headgear, kneepads, shoes, hygiene kits, etc.) is available at most local sporting goods stores.  Wrestling equipment is also available for purchase at most tournaments.  There are a number of online stores that specialize in wrstling equipment: